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Heavy Duty Industrial LED | Airport High Mast LED Lighting | Port Crane LED Lighting Singapore | SEM Ventures
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Lighting Solutions

For all your lighting requirements, your best choice is SEM Ventures. We have many years of curating the best solutions in the business and supply you with illuminating products that surpass your highest expectations. We work with our partner, Phoenix Lighting, to bring only the best to you. We share in the same values as Phoenix, namely:

    • Collaboration – We are committed to the industries we serve and evolve with you as priorities shift and technology advances. The conversation is continuous, and we proudly lend our expertise whenever possible.
    • Progress – Our exceptional engineering team and innovative manufacturing practices are widely recognized and ensure that only superior products reach the market.
    • Craftsmanship – Our unwavering attention to detail ensures results that far exceed your expectations.
    • Authenticity – We stay true to the roots of Phoenix and respect the vision, ingenuity and hard work that have brought us to where we are today. We are committed to the future of our customers, employees and community.

We support Industrial, Mining, Marine and Aviation industries.

Industrial Lighting

Our principal has been illuminating the world’s most challenging environments for decades. Without stretching your budget or compromising our standards, they manufactures lights for a wide variety of industrial settings. From Hazardous Locations to World Renowned Landmarks, they have been shining the light on better illumination.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us by filling in the form below if you need any professional advice or supplies regarding your lighting needs.

Marine, Port & Terminal Lighting

Our Principal (Phoenix Lighting)’s expertise in marine applications dates back to the 1970s. For five decades, they have listened to customers and learned the unique requirements of this demanding environment. Phoenix leads the industry by designing and building lights that endure constant vibration, large temperature variances and corrosive conditions – exactly what you need.


With 75 years of lighting experience, Phoenix is proud to serve the port and terminal market. Phoenix LED fixtures bring a new level of safety and efficiency with the highest level of technology.


If you have any questions about any of your requirements with regards to lighting in the Marine, Port or Container Terminal Industry, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below.

Durable Lighting for Aviation

With 75 years of lighting experience, our principal – Phoenix is proud to serve the aviation market and bring a new level of safety and efficiency to high mast lighting worldwide. See how superior LED fixtures and lighting intelligence technology can make all the difference for your facility.


If you have any queries regarding high mast lighting for your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling up the form below.

Wireless Controller | LIT System™

The Wireless Controller communicates vital lighting data to the Gateway.

Gateway | LIT System™

The Gateway transmits control commands and energy usage to Phoenix’s Lighting Intelligence Technology System.

Highland® Series | High Mast & Area LED Floodlight

UL listed and DLC qualified fixture enhances productivity, safety and security delivering up to 80,000 lumens.

Meridian Series | High Mast & Area LED Floodlight

Premium fixture enhances productivity, safety and security. Designed for wet locations and to withstand the world’s harshest environments.

Motion Sensor | LIT System™

The LIT System’s Motion Sensor allows fixtures to react to occupancy or motion detection.

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